router monitor/configuration tool

based on a recent email about bgp peer monitoring and others over the
last few months, we thought this would be a good time to release a tool
called rtrmon (router monitor) that we've been working on with vixie

please see:

vixie enterprises provided the development expertise and based the design
on the needs of genuity initially. it's fairly generic and extensible.
currently it:

- monitors bgp sessions and reports failures
- monitors cpu usage and reports failures
- monitors ospf neighbors
- downloads, diffs, and archives cisco configs

it's all cisco oriented as that's our primary platform. we'll start a
mailing list soon for discussion (next week) but in the short interrim
please send mail to myself or danny mcpherson ( for
questions or problems. we'll have this hosted on our own web site(s)
sometime next week as well. enjoy.