router monitor/configuration tool (fwd)

I was wondering about this myself, has anyone seen the Linmor NMS system.

This system has been chosen by MCI after extensive evaluation of existing
Network Management Systems to manage there ATM Hyperstream Network.

This Network Management Provides several other interesting functions such
as Object Oriented Class for an object. It also has a Web Page which can
list all objects & the traffic statistics for each link.

As well it can do the below. From it a QOS of service report can be generated
indicating the health of of your Network. Reports on the Uptine of your BGP
routing process as well as OSPF & EIGRP can be generated.

It also has the ability to Monitor Unix machines & " Mission " critical processes
such as NAMED or mail & News processes. You can actually get an indication
that the memory on the Unix box is low & that is the problem.

& Unlike HP Openview, Autodiscovery works very nicely on a large Network.

Instead of crashing your Network, you get a pretty nice map infront of you.

It is also a distributed system architecture where you can have multiple
Data Collectors spread out through your Network talking to each other,
exchaning information about the Health of the Network. & you can function
in Hot Standby mode where if one of your Data Collectors goes down, another
will take up the load.

I have seen a SPARC IPC manage over 1500 Network Router Objects including
including Cisco 7000's & Cisco 7513's. So even though this is alot for a
little SPARC Server, it worked pretty good. It is not highly recommeneded
to run your Network like this but as a test ....

You can also run reports on your Network & figure out where your facilities
such as the Memory on Core & Border Routers need to be upgraded or where
you are running out of bandwidth & need to add more.

As well, remote site customer management where the customer can be given an
account to actually monitor his connection with his provider, from his
provider, works good. A check for the customer to ensure that he is getting
good service from his provider.

& since you can get remote site access, you can actually get a Network Management
Station from another site.

This is a Really neat product, atleast from what I have seen. Has anyone else
encountered it ?

Anyway check it out ..... WWW.LINMOR.COM

They have some really neat stuff..


Dave Scrivens,
iSTAR Internet.