Router gets hurt!

Discovered today that NT has the built in ability to drown your network
and stomp on the routers cpu. Seems if someone sets up 2 NT domain masters
or whatever that Netbios garbage is called, they attempt to "hold an
election." The election is comprised of slamming every machine it can find
and then every broadcast address it can think of with udp on port 137.

After a few minutes of it an RSP4 gets real tired and you start losing
packets as well as the switches all falling apart after trying to forward
the zillion mbits/sec of useless data.

Anyone else seen anything like this?

I think you mean "browse master" and if your switches are falling
apart by browser elections you probably have more serious problems on
your network than NetBios traffic (however odorous it may "smell".)
I'd take a good look at your spanning tree configuration and
statistics on your switches. You could also be running into problems
with bdpu traffic confusion in your switches spanning tree if you are
also bridging and your bridge group priority 0 is not on your local
side of your bridge group.

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