Route Science

Does anyone still have a Route Science box running out there? Our
enterprise still has a box running and working. Just curious..:wink:

What is that? Never heard of that before. Some kind of routing data collection project?

I would also wonder if someone has more details about how useful and
good the Avaya/Routescience are in practice after significant time in
deployment in the real world on a large network, were they worth
whatever the price tag was to get and maintain ?

Oh, and how about Border6 ? I believe they have marketing language
claiming to be able to achieve some similar things, in regards to
automatic path optimizations and rerouting. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there are always great news stories. But media tends to
exagerate things, and I think when it comes to enterprise products
it's strictly promotional. When was the last time you heard a
followup news story on one of those sorts of things 1yr later about
BigCo dropped "Vendor X" product because they felt it's no longer
worth it, the savings were less than expected and did not exceed the
cost of the product, the actual thing fell short of marketing claims,
or didn't actually work out so well, etc, etc.


Thanks for mentioning our name.

Our platform does routing optimization but also includes plug & play
monitoring and reporting tools for network troubleshooting and planning.
You can check our brochure at:

Do not hesitate to contact me off-list, I’ll provide documentation and
can run live demo.

Didn't Avaya completely drop the old Route Science line at this point?

Internap still sells their FCP appliance which does similar things and of
course Internap has their own MIRO system they have been using for
probably 15+ years now to optimize paths out of their own
datacenters/colos. Like the fellow from Border6 mentioned you can get a
wealth of information out of the systems along with the path optimization.


There's another option called the Noction IRP.

I've been told that it's a cheaper FCP replacement.

As someone that used the routescience/avaya product for 6-7 years and then also demoed the IRP I can tell you that the IRP has a lot of similar functionality that the routescience/avaya CNA product had.

The nice thing about the Noction product (the demo at least?) is that you aren't locked into an ancient IBM xServer with a 32 bit kernel like you were with the Avaya product.

You can install it on your own machines, so in theory it should be possible to scale it. Scaling was the only reason we decommissioned our CNA, otherwise we'd still be using it.