route reflectors


I am looking back into researching the many flavors of route
reflectors, and would like everyone's opinions on what to use. I
believe we have hashed through this in the past, but as these things
move quickly, it might help to discuss the latest.

I would like to consider both sides of the equation, using router
based platforms, as well as PC or workstation type reflectors. I'm
sure we all have pros and cons to either method.

I'm trying to consider the entire range of reflectors, all at varying
levels of cost. The gauntlet runs from free software that is
entirely unsupported up to support contracts where a software
developer will live with you.

Just to add my thoughts:

I'm leaning towards PC/Unix based reflectors just due to the cost of
hardware, especially memory. It is much easier to have parallel and
redundant workstations, than it is to have a carrier class router.

Thanks for any help,


In a network so large that you NEED route reflectors, the cost of those
is not a big percentage of the overall cost, and by using routers you
get the samme support on a very vital component in the network,
as you do on the rest of the network, and not least consistent
configuration interface.

just my 2 cents


If the reflectors is a client only, say for a looking glass, does it.