Route Optimization Products

What is out there for route optimization products? I can think of Noction (no inbound) or Internap FCP (old).

Border6 NSI.

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Internap also has a product called MIRO, although I am not sure how it
differs from FCP.


Traffic optimization is a really nice place for open source project! :slight_smile:

Problem in this space is, none of the products offered are genuinely affordable.

When your route optimization software costs more monthly than yet another link to yet another tier one provider... `-`

There is this but its old and not been updated in quote some time.

Never got around to playing with it.

Are you sure that an 'optimizer' is the right solution for you, or for
those surrounding you (peers, upstreams)?

Sounds like multiple parties having improper route filters.

I've been a customer before of a datacenter in Chicago that uses/used
Internap's optimized routes and latency was always better than in
comparison to other locations I tested against. That was around 2011 or

Sounds like multiple parties having improper route filters.

on the internet? never!


Filtering is a must. But even when doing the right thing, there could be
adverse side-effects when using an appliance which inserts fake,
more-specific paths into your network's iBGP mesh.

Earlier this year there was discussion about the subject, I'd like to
refer you to this:

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Perhaps, but that wouldn't solve the problem of automatically moving traffic when a provider has an issue on their own network.