Route leak (was Re: more routes than normal)

Sorry for waking you all before breakfast, but is anyone else seeing
~5000 more routes than normal this morning ?

Just a sample of some unusually long ASPaths I'm seeing here

There appear to be two leaks going on, one of which has cleared up
in the most part. The first is AS3789 leaking full routing to CRL,
who are passing it on. The next is AS3352 & AS4495 leaking a full UUnet table
through AS3262 into GSL (AS4000).

If you try really hard, you can find a prefered route which has
both these routes in. For instance I pity the owner of the following
class B (Olivetti):

*>i129.211.0.0 100 0 4000 3262 4495 701
1280 2041 3789 1323 1323 1323 1323 1323 1323 1673 4200 5672 i

Who are transitted through GSL, some of Europe, UUnet, Sprint, CRL, Internet
Access, ANS, AGIS all in sequence.

European leak people copied - I've already mailed the CRL lot.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks