Route filters, IRRs, and route objects

In the referenced message, Przemyslaw Karwasiecki said:


I would like to ask you for an advice in regards to
"proxy registering" of customer route objects in IRR.

What is the best current practice in a situation,
when your customers want to advertise to you several
/18 or /19 but they also have a requirement to be able
to advertise some deaggregated routes on top of aggregates.

If your customer is merely using the deaggregates for TE, why would
they need to send the deags with anything but no-export. This
would resolve the issue of having to advertise them to your peers,
while still allowing the customer to have traffic come in whichever
link they chose. The added benefit is that no one else needs to accept
additional routes.



Your comment in 100% accurate insituation when TE obectives
are localized to our AS and customer AS.

Unfortunatelly in some circumstances, (very common in our case)
90% of traffic is actually just merely transited via our AS,
and customer needs to have a global visibility of deaggreagated