Rootshell pages hacked

Btw, it's of great interest for me too.

Me three. If they don't turn up I think I am going to make the
modifications myself. I am using an old s/key implmentation though, from I believe, anyone know of any others? Thanks.

There's a patch for 1.2.23 at:

Haven't tried it, dunno if it will even patch any newer version.

Btw. I know exactly where does hackers get troyaned SSHD from, and I am
sure they begin to install it more and more. We can't exclude if some day
the original SSH daemon /or, for a joke, Microsoft NT/) will be troyaned
from the very start point.

OPIE and Dr. W.Z. Venema's logdaemon come to mind...

The former is best in Linux; the latter is best in everything else. :sunglasses: