Root Zone DNSSEC Operational Update -- ZSK length change

As you may know, Verisign, in its role as the Root Zone Maintainer
is also the operator of the root zone Zone Signing Key (ZSK). Later
this year, we will increase the size of the ZSK from 1024-bits to

The root zone ZSK is normally rolled every calendar quarter, as per
our “DNSSEC Practice Statement for the Root Zone ZSK operator.”[1]
The ZSK public keys are signed at quarterly key signing ceremonies
by ICANN in its role as the IANA Functions Operator.

On September 20, 2016 the 2048-bit ZSK will be pre-published in the
root zone, following the standard ZSK rollover procedure. We intend
to begin publishing root zones signed with the first 2048-bit ZSK
on October 1, 2016.

Some details of the ZSK size transition have recently been presented
at the DNS-OARC, NANOG, RIPE, ICANN, and IETF meetings.[2] If you
have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone who might not have
seen it here.


A quick update on this change: A 2048-bit ZSK has been pre-published in the root zone as of September 20. We are not aware of any issues related to the appearance of the larger key.

In less than 48 hours we will being publishing root zones signed with the 2048-bit ZSK. I will send another note once that has happened. If you observe any problems related to this change, please contact Verisign's customer service at

Duane W.

I'm pleased to announce that this change is now complete. As of 13:34 UTC on October 1, 2016 the root zone has been signed and published with a 2048-bit ZSK. Please contact myself of Verisign customer service ( if you observe any problems related to this change.

Duane W.

I emailed you but got a 'host not found' error. Does that count as a problem related to the change.....?



I hope not but we should rule it out. I will follow up with you privately.

Duane W.