Root Servers not updated

As the irresponsible party in question, I'd like to thank you for clarifying
InterNIC's position, which appears to be that:

  (a) NSI does not hold intellectual property rights over any zone
      or domain name other than "".

  (b) NSI will continue to make all "internic" zone files publically
      available, with no nondisclosure requirements on other root
      name servers, now or ever.

  (c) NSI serves as "internic" at the will of the internet community,
      and as a paid government contractor, and is merely the current
      operator of this "public trust" after SRI and GSI had turns.

If that was NOT what you meant, please let us all know, and please retract
the phrase "appears irresponsible" in your above text.

Messages coming out of NSI have been very confused during your whole IPO
thing, and I appreciate you taking the time above to correct misimpressions
left by past public statements of other high ranking executives of NSI.

It would be a shame to have your IPO be based on "ownership of COM" or any
such rot. NSI has many technical assets such as RWHOIS, so your IPO should
go stunningly well.

Thanks again for your clarification.

Just for your information:

The second root name server in Europe was set up at the LINX in London
in March. This was implemented as two servers. The "." server,, has been operational since then. The gTLD server,
carrying .com, .net, and .org, received a single zone transfer from
the Internic on 26 March. Since then zone transfers have been blocked.

Various European Internet organisations (LINX, the London Internet
exchange; RIPE, responsible for allocating address space; and ISPA,
the UK Internet Services Providers Association) have asked for an
explanation or clarification of InterNIC policy but have received none.