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I suspect it would help some of us small incompetent ISPs if you could
provide a pointer to where *you* would have successfully found the NOC
phone number. That way we could all deal with problems right away without
adding more traffic to this list, and we could add this to one of these
"how to be an ISP" FAQs, too.

-matthew kaufman

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OK, everbody. Do this right NOW! Check the whois data on your NIC handle
and check the whois data on your domain name, especially the technical
contact. Als check the NIC handle for the tech contact. I'll bet most
of you discover contact info that is missing or inaccurate. In my case
whois MD130 shows the wrong area code because it has changed recently.

If you want to do a better job of keeping this info up to date, set up a
cron job to do whois queries on the relevant records and email them to you
once a month on some random day (not the 1st of the month please). If this
information were accurate and complete there would be a lot less flailing
around when people need NOC contact info.

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