root name servers

This is an excellent idea Peter!

What about hijacking the root name servers? Here's the scenario.....

A group of people who dislike the Internic's restrictive policies re the
namespace get together and set up new root domain servers that offer new
toplevel domains like .FAM, .INC, .KLINGON, .BIZ, .GOD, etc... They also
delegate the old domains to the existing root nameservers for .COM, .EDU,
etc. They offer the list of new root nameservers to anyone who wishes to
access the new expanded namespace. All a sysadmin needs to do is replace
the cache file used to prime named.

They should also offer email forwarding so that people stuck with a
reactionary sysadmin can still email a new domain by using addresses of
the form

Could people be plotting this even as we speak? Is it a good idea? Would
it solve the namespace problems we currently have?

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