root name servers

anybody knows the physical location
of all root name servers, or a pointer ?



There is a very nice graphic (world map) of servers A-M which includes the
name of the organization running the server, as well as the town
location... this graphic is located at:


Hi there.
Apparently pages had been hacked this morning by crackers
using ssh-1.2.26.?

Any got more news about this event,


"May you live in interesting times"
           by chinese ppl

Supposedly sendmail 8.9.1 is to blame, not ssh.

It was yesterday morning actually.

From Rootshell's own page:

"On Wed Oct 28th at 5:12AM PST the main Rootshell page was defaced by a
group of crackers. Entry to the machine was made via SSH (secure shell)
which is an encrypted interface to the machine at 04:57AM PST this
morning. Rootshell was first informed of this incident at 6:00 AM PST and
the site was immediately brought offline. The site was back up and
operational by 8:00AM PST. We are still in the process of investigating
the exact methods that were used. The paranoid MAY want to disable ssh
1.2.26. Rootshell runs Linux 2.0.35, ssh 1.2.26, qmail 1.03, Apache 1.3.3,
and nothing else. The attackers used further filesystem corruption to make
it harder to remove the damaged HTML files."

It could have been ssh, qmail, Apache, or some script they ran on the
server that caused the root compromise. SSH was just the way they got in,
probably after they compromised root. My only question is, if they were
running ssh-1.2.26, why Kit points to the ssh2 protocol specs in his
posting? Doesn't ssh-1.2.26 only support ssh ver1 specs?


I thought they were runnign qmail?


Scratch that, I was quoting a source which was inaccurate.
only email clients are vulnerable.

JR Mayberry wrote:

Supposedly sendmail 8.9.1 is to blame, not ssh.

MIME buffer overflows is *not* a sendmail problem. What made you say