Roeland Meyer owes me money! (was re: multi-homing fixes)

Roeland Meyer <> writes:

Please detail the exact costs of a, BGP inserted, routing table entry. Is
it, maybe, 50 cents?

Deal. Kindly send 50 cents (in U.S. currency) for each prefix you announce
to the world, since I am carrying full routing on one of my own personal
routers. You can get my postal address by email.

My employers no doubt would like their 50 cents too, however I expect
there is a possibility that they will interpret your sensible offer
to be on a PER-ROUTER basis. Please let me know where they should send
the invoice for the few hundred dollars per prefix.

Don't forget that when you change your NLRI at or near the source you will
be occupying a different slot, so it's only fair that you should
send 50 cents again to me (and to my employers * number_of_routers)
when that happens. Of course, we could just burn the existing NLRI
into something approaching ROM, which will save you some recurring fees,
during those pesky flapping periods of advertisments and withdrawals,
but perhaps the dynamicism is worth it to you.

Let me know. It's pretty easy to implement this in the vein of
After the useful historical demonstration of a "if you flap three
times, go home for the rest of the day" policy, damping more
aggressively along the lines of "if you flap three times,
you're out of my tables forever" is quite feasible.
And, if you're a net.genius with lots of luck, maybe
this is exactly the sort of 50-cent-times-n savings
that appeals to you!

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Sean Doran <>
Evil Greedy Bastard