RMON probes .vs. sniffer

Has/Is anyone using Axon, NetMetrix etc, or evaluated these tools
as a replacement for a sniffer? We're trying to decide whether to
buy one or the other. The HP product provides a lot of nice graphs
etc, but how practical is it for diagnostics and monitoring for
intrusion etc. TIA


As far as FDDI, I am staying with a sniffer, Ethernet, I just leave to
the hubs internal diagnostics. Because I work primarily with a switched
product, it just isn't a priority anymore.

If on a WAN, Have you looked at the http://www.visualnetworks.com product?
rmon capable csu/dsu that looks pretty nice. Nice graphs based upon
application utilization, i.e 15% telnet, 12% HTTP, 62% ICMP... wait... 62%
ICMP?!.. oh no.. looks like Keynote/Boardwatch is flooding the network

Anyway, also has nice sniffer capabilites. Sort of like Network General
meets GUI gone psycho. Almost amazingly useful. As soon as they get a DS3
capable dsu with web-based reporting, and get rid of their Microsoft NT
platform.. I think they will really be in business. But as far as FR and
reporting, troubleshooting, nothing beats this thing but a scope on the