RIPE our of IPv4

If your business is dysfunctional, that is a different
issue from ipv6 being dysfunctional.

Eyeball networks can still deliver IPv6 even if most of their
gear isn’t IPv6 ready. 6rd [1] allows you to give every customer
a /48 over a IPv4 access network. You just need to record the
6rd DHCPv4 Option being returned over time so you can map from
IPv6 address to the IPv4 address your customer was using.

You bill on the IPv4 packets.

This is 10+ years old at this stage and quite frankly just works.
Yes, you need a few BRs and a IPv6 path from them to the rest of
the world. Lots of ISP’s deliver IPv6 to their customers today
using 6rd.

Lots of CPE routers support 6rd already and if the CPE router doesn’t
there is no harm so no foul. If you are supplying CPE devices just
replace ones that don’t support 6rd with ones that support 6rd (and
native IPv6) as they break. If a customer requests a new CPE router
post it to them. If you aren’t supplying CPE devices just tell your
customers that 6rd is supported.

6rd works with 50 year replacement time frames.

This is really no different to what HE has been doing for the last
20 years, it just moves the encapsulation / decapsulation closer to
the customer.



Telcos looking at the short term is why telcos have largely turned into dumpster fires in the last 20 years.