RIPE NCC will begin allocating from 188/8

Dear Colleagues,

The IANA and the RIRs are working on an ongoing basis to verify and
correct registration data of legacy address space to identify free
space in these blocks.

As a result of this work the RIPE NCC will begin allocating from 188/8
in future.

The minimum allocation size for 188/8 has been set at /21.

You may wish to adjust any filters you have in place accordingly.

More information on the IP space administered by the RIPE NCC
can be found at:

Please also note that three "pilot" prefixes will be announced from
188/8. These prefixes are:

They will all originate in AS12654.

The following pingable addresses will available in these blocks:

More information on this "pilot" activity is available in the
document "De-Bogonising New Address Blocks", which can be found at:
Best regards,

Alex Le Heux

Not sure if RIPE knows this, but the following url will give you a list of RIPE allocations, many /20s, /17s and /16s which are either hijacked or allocated directly to illegal spam operations (who have obviously faked the RIPE application as 'ISPs' to get huge allocations)...

Direct RIPE allocations to many of these outfits, including "Russian Business Network" (the Russian Cybercrime Mob) for example are allocations we would love to see reclaimed asap.


   Steve Linford
   The Spamhaus Project