RIPE NCC Executive Board election

Professional ? with Coconut Guilmette ?

With all due respect, I was defamed in this “professional” environment and was called with antisemitic and racist titles - for many months and without a single proof against me, when some of the subscribers of this “professional” environment even enjoyed the antisemitic phrases with a popcorn, according to their own words.

"In addition, the sockets API should be extended to support IPxl with a new socket domain PF_IPXL which is identical to PF_INET in every respect save that the IP addresses are 8 bytes long instead of 4."

Do you realise that this means you're requiring changing *every* socket-speaking application in the world?

It's taken us decades to get applications to use the new struct to support IPv6+IPv4, resetting the timer back to 0 and starting over does not help deployment. It just kicks it another 20 years down the line.

You're just inventing yet another incompatible standard and you have to touch everything, DHCP, DNS all applications etc.


So you didn’t even test the implementation and didn’t create it - so why you are writing “As a matter of fact”. Which fact ? any evidence ?

IPv6 is the way forward, it has the buy in and damn near critical mass.

It dumps most of the extra crap in the headers we don't need anymore and the
alignment makes it rather easy to process in hardware. This last part can't
be over emphasized; it's not just rewriting software, it's hardware upgrades
in most cases. Remember doing v6 on a 7206?* Punt it to the CPU and let it
fall over at 1000 pps, right?

I may have overstated the performance of that, but at the time we didn't care,
99.9% of all IPv6 was ping and traceroute. When it becomes the preferred
delivery network for content, a software based router isn't going to cut it.


For you nothing will work.

It just keeps getting dumber by the minute. My home ISP hasn’t even updated firmware to one that supports v6, but yeah, they’re surely going to update to your Frankenstein ipv4 because you’re going to give them a taste of addresses from the nightmare pool that will reach even less of the internet than v6.


Your home ISP will support IPv4+ packets exactly as it is now, because IPv4+ is based on the exact current IPv4 packet format. With the needed roundtable - IPv4+ will be deployed in the whole internet and fast.

More of an “ideas guy” I guess


How do you expect to get elected when you are attacking the very people who will be voting in the election?

Further, it would seem you have very little experience in actually operating large scale networks, network equipment or softwarr. You do realize that a LARGE number of devices on the Internet run operating systems that are no longer vendor supported? So even if you could convince ALL vendors to support IPV4+ (nearly impossible), how do you plan to solve the devices I mentioned?Perhaps it’s because you can’t, and neither can IPV6, except a subset of those devices already support IPV6, so there will less devices left behind than with your solution.

The more you talk, the more uneducated you sound.


Elad made this public allegation one of RIPE "Open Source Working Group" mailing lists, that he started here:

Here is my response to this allegation (new thread):

It went back and forth - you can read all the *drama* in that thread. Elad "doubled down" by publicly saying to me:

/*"You are a complete liar. You are Rob Shultz."*/

I then put it to bed in the following thread:

If anyone has the SLIGHTEST SUSPICION that this might be true, PLEASE read those threads.

He ended up being put on "moderated" status on the RIPE forum and was publicly reprimanded here:

He called me a "liar" - but has produced ZERO evidence to support his assertion - even though I "called his bluff" and asked him to "put up for shut up". He wouldn't "shut up" - but he also is not capable for "putting up" because the only evidence he has - is delusions that only exist inside his mind. I'm not a psychiatrist - but Elad is either very maliciously and unprofessionally lying to attack anti-spam people - or has a serious mental illness and needs psychiatric help. One or the other. Does this mean everything he says is factually wrong? I didn't claim that. I don't have the time nor inclination to fact check his long rants. But I do know that I'm not, nor have ever been, "Rob Schultz" and that I don't secretly work with/for Spamhaus in any way/shape/form. And I really don't like being called a "liar" on a public forum by someone. There are many out there who might run across posts like that and not bother to get the whole context, and might not know the real truth. So things like this can become an annoyance for many years to come.

It is curious how many times we have heard that, not only heard in NANOG and other NOGs, but also in IETF, even debated in long thread with several IDs, and for some strange reason, we all missed that or maybe because nobody got the running code to demonstrate his/her point in a realistic way?

Instead, IPv6 is working for everyone that invest just a little bit of effort, in the only credible long-term solution.

Of course, like in any aspect of our life, always some people will believe that they can keep using legacy tools, I still see some people using abacus instead of the “”, it is nice, just for fun, but is not smart neither productive.

It is matter of what the world needs.





“The IPv6 Company”

I’m a very transparent guy, nothing to hide about how much I do for the community, including voluntary work for many folks that need and want to implement IPv6.

Probably that explains it!

I’ll vote for you!

Akamai already has 15% peak IPv6 traffic:

Some internet service providers may have more than half of their traffic as IPv6.

Some countries are now crossing more than 50% IPv6 availability:

Why do you think you can overtake the IPv6 train? Why would we want to abandon the work already done?

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