RIPE in final /8 of IPv4

Hi list,

in the interest of really running down also the final /8 of RIPE, which
was entered today, let me point out that the cost to setup a new LIR is
a meager application + application fee (2000 EUR) + ~1500 EUR or so for
the first year. You can obviously transfer the resource as long as the
requirement for the minimum allocation remains the same (which is a
couple of web servers or so :slight_smile: ), and then discontinue the LIR if you
feel so inclined.

This stands in contrast with the cost of fixing your documentation to
justify 80% used space of the current allocations. Also, each LIR can
just get 1 /22 from the final /8 pool. So if you're getting space for
customers, the new-LIR approach with option to transfer back in is
pretty reasonable.

Happy Friday!

(IPv6, where are you?)