RIPE 76: Call for Late Submissions and Lightning Talks

Dear colleagues,

Summary: The RIPE PC invites late submissions (30 min) and Lightning
Talks (10 min) for RIPE 76 Plenary.

Similar to RIPE 74, and distinct from other previous RIPE Meetings, the
RIPE Programme Committee decided to keep one plenary slot open for a
so-called "late submission". This plenary slot gives the community the
opportunity to submit presentations that report on recent developments,
issues, security incidents, etc., that are relevant to the RIPE audience.

Also please consider submitting a Lightning Talk for the Monday plenary.
During the meeting week, we will accept Lightning Talk submissions for
Tuesday and Friday.

Please submit your plenary "late submission" or Lightning Talk via the
PC submission system:

The deadline for the late submission is *Monday, 7 May*.

Kind regards,

Benno Overeinder