Rip again!


There isnt IMO a way in RIP to identify the source of the RIP packet
(the way we have Router ID in OSPF, system ID in ISIS, etc.)

Now assume we have 2 vlans defined on an ethernet. Thus we would have
two IP interfaces, and and both using the same
physical interface. RIP is running on both these interfaces.

My doubt is that how will another router, which is configured in the
same way (2 vlans) be able to differentiate between the RIP responses
originated by and


How about the source IP?

RIP v1 is sent to broadcast. RIPv2 is sent to
multicast. Both are local-link only, so won't go THROUGH a router. The
sending source IP will tell you where they came from.

If you're using VLANs (trunks), there won't be any issues. If you're using
secondary addresses, this will depend on whose devices you use. In the
Cisco world, packets will always be sourced from the primary IP address on
an interface. And if the receiving router doesn't have a subnet matching
the sender, packets/updates are ignored. (Again, Cisco world you can use
"no validate-update-source" to override this check)

But that gives you a tracking method on packets.