RFC2547 VPN discussion group? (With an inter-AS VPN question )

Hi All,

Does anyone know RFC2547 VPN discussion group ? I can only find generic MPLS
discussion from IETF. Better cisco oriented, because we use Cisco RFC2547

Here is one of the problem we encountered now. Can anyone help ?

We have 3 PEs connected with 3 CEs. PE1, PE2 are in the same AS4134, while
PE3 in AS41340. It's not so luck that PE1 and PE3 is not back-to-back
connected, but can be reached via a tag-switching enabled intermediate
network. PE1-PE2 has MP-iBGP peer, while PE1-PE3 has MP-eBGP peer.

Then we verify the traffic, and see that CE3, CE1 can ping each other,
while CE3 can't ping CE2 ? But all three CEs can see prefix from other

   AS4134 AS41340

----| |---| |---|
CE1 |-------|PE1|--(Tag switching )--|PE3|
----| |---| enabled inter- |---|

               > mediate network |
               > >
               > >---|
               > >CE3|

----| |---| |---|
CE2 |-------|PE2|
----| |---|

BTW, We run PE on IOS Version 12.1(5)T6


Yu Ning

Hi Yu,

Quite a few mpls operational quiestions is being discussed on mpls-ops

For cisco specific I have created closed alias mpls-deployment@cisco.com
Please use the last one for escalation issues with mpls. Reg your issue
without further troubleshooting I am unable to help you so pls open a
TAC case.


Hi nanog,

I've solved the problem mentioned in my former letter. I'm too over-worked
and forget to add "next-hop-self" in the PE1 to PE2 MP-iBGP peer, so no
PE can reach PE1 in other AS, unless the directly connected one. But Cisco
MPLS VPN command seems not very friendly,:slight_smile: After add the "next-hop-self"
in the VPNV4 section, the MP-iBGP peer won't refresh itself, and I have
no command to clear the VPNV4 peer, then I have to delete the config
and paste it again to trigger the new update. I hope the "clear ip b n
vrf xxx.xxx " can be added into IOS soon,:slight_smile:


Hello, Yu Ning

Clear ip bgp is fine with me, I used it quite often. It works
well on both global table or address family. The format I use
is "clear ip bgp x.x.x.x vrf xxx", or clear the whole iBGP peer.


Yu Ning wrote:

Why did you send this to us?