RFC1918 conformance

Andrew Partan <asp@partan.com> writes:

  * They sure look reserved to me:
  * note% whois RESERVED
  * 0.0
  * 0.0
  * 0.0
  * IANA (RESERVED-5) RESERVED 223.255.25
  * 5.0
  * IANA (RESERVED-7) Reserved - 95.0.
  * 0.0
  * IANA (RESERVED-8) Reserved - 126.0.
  * 0.0

Sorry, but while I was looking to this list, I just reminded interesting
issue. Why IANA did not reserved or something simular; by
other words, I'd like to have short (256, 512, 1024) private address
space in the END of total address space for the normal IP (excluding D
class etc).

For example. I have a lot of CISCO routers with OSPF protocol. Thnis
crazy IOS use highest loopback interface address as router-ID address; I
use loopbacks to install load balancing etc. and I can't prevent
loopbacks from being equal on the different routers. That's why I hardly
need some IP addresses for 'Loopback 98' interface to use it as
router-ID; and this have to be higher than any user's addresses. I use for this purposes, but it's not reserved address.

This is one, simple, example why it's nessesary to reserve some short
address space in the begin and in the end of total addresses.