RFC for well-known admin email addresses?

Here's the announcement. The work is based on Vixie's draft but he got
tired of waiting for the standards process. The thing was held in a queue
for about 8 months... The RFC version has changes to document
organization and some deletions of addresses which aren't known to be
heavily supported already.

specifically, i asked that the draft be deleted and i was going to abandon
it. the ietf is not a winner in my mind, and i'm not sure i'll be going to
any more meetings or participating in any more "standards track" activity.
dave crocker wanted to coauthor a followup to the stdaddr draft and i told
him in no uncertain terms that if anything was going to happen it would be
without my name attached. he moved me to the acknowledgements section and
i said that even that was more involvement than i wanted. so he took me out.

i'm saying this in public because several folks have asked if dave "stole"
this draft or did anything else bad. far from it. dave has a stronger
stomach for politics than i do. i thought i could do some good by writing
the draft originally, but it turned into a political cesspool with all kinds
of people wanting it pushed or pulled in one direction or another. i hope
that some day NANOG comes up with its own publication process, since ietf is
pretty hopeless for anything that isn't a wire protocol.

i want to thank all of those on nanog who helped with the original text of
the draft back when it was "mine." i was really just the editor, the ideas
came from all of you.