reverse Traceroute

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 15:59:20 -0500
From: Matt Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: reverse Traceroute

> I agree. Very cool. Now we just need to get guys like google and
> msn to put a client or two in their web farms so that those of us
> with users to deal ("I can't get to MSN, your network is broken")
> with can trace to and from their farms directly...

If only it didn't require running untrusted, binary code with superuser

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- mdz

This is exactly why the source to tltrace is freely available for download
and public review.



Thanks for the pointer.

Where is this linked from the site? I can't find it. Also,
why is the version number different from the binary archive
(traceloop-0.12a.tar.gz)? It might be a good idea to provide a link to this
archive in the introductory email, for those of us who aren't running
Linux/i386. You might even get some help in the way of portability fixes.