reverse Traceroute

I just played with this reverse traceroute tool from and
it looks cool. It's kind of a cross between an automated lookingglass
system and napster. Anyway, they are just starting their alpha testing
and they need more test points.

btw, I have no affiliation, just thought it was cool...

Paul Bergman
Network Engineer
Rhythms NetConnections, Inc.

Just checked this out - very cool (although i think the web interface could use
a little bit of a rework).... traceroute from anywhere (at least anywhere a
client is running) to anywhere... very useful (and moreso as more clients come
on line). I would like to urge everyone to check this out --- that way i can
test my network more effectively:):slight_smile:


Too bad I can't register and get it without lying about my origin. It's
encryption properties make it eligible only for a certain subset of



Correct me if I'm wrong, by all means, but isn't that subset extremely large,
and includes Israel?

I thought the US was only prohibiting export now to a handful of countries.

Hmm, but it looks like it's a commercial type service. What a
bummer. Seems like such a good idea for everyone, not just for the people
who can pay. If it was GPL software, they'd have 2 new clients in far
corners of the globe, but as it's not.... Oh well.

Matthew Devney

Actually, from what their page says, you only have to pay if you want
the functionality of tracing from network x to network y (neither of
which are yours). AFAIK you can trace to your network from anywhere
else without having to pay, provided you run an agent to service