Responsible Network Management Guidelines

Thanks for the comments.

   -- The media, radio or television, can be used to inform the public.
   Pre-arrangements, and planning are needed to ensure only designated
   contacts are made with the media.

Is there _any_ part of the net that's this globally critical?

Since CNN is going to report this stuff anyway, might as well plan
for it. This guideline has a dual purpose: 1) to give accurate
information to the media, 2) limit the exposure from someone 'spoofing'
an ISP to the media.

   challenge/response code-word or call-back to a known telephone

Note that this isn't always good enough, if the problem is an attack.
Call-forwarding and butt-sets, doncha know.

Perhaps I should add an explanation. The goal of these guidelines is
to document a minimum set of network management policies a responsible
Internet service provider would follow. It is not meant to be the
'Best Common Practice' because I hope most ISPs would maintain a
'higher' level of preparedness than these minimum guidelines. I've
deliberately avoided several controversial subjects, such as what
constitutes 'abuse' of the network.

On the other hand, I have tried to set the bar low, but not too low.
If an ISP can't meet this low a set of requirements, I have to wonder
if they could really be called a 'responsible' member of the Internet.
I deliberately weakened several guidelines to allow an ISP of any size
to meet them with hard work. You can't meet these guidelines with a
check for $25,000.

Not bad. But, from down here in the trenches, I think it could use
another round of flogging. How much commentary have you gotten on it?

The guidelines have been out for 12 months. I've received about a
dozen comments or suggestions. I welcome more comments or suggestions.

To try to bring this to an end, I intend to dump draft guidelines into
the Informational RFC process before the December IETF. At the October
NANOG I intend to talk to several ISPs whether they can meet the guidelines,
and possibly issue a press release of all the providers who intend to
follow them.

Could be a nice segueway to the weather forecast. :wink:

            Phil Macdonald

I can hear it now:

"... and Dale Mabry and Henderson, that one in the clearing stages.
The entire MCI backbone has just crashed, the victim of a packet
flooding attack, and, speaking of flooding, how's Tampa Bay weather,

-- jra