Response to NOI from NTIA on DNA

You wrote:

While it is true that the lines are sometimes blurry (and contentious), the
consensus of the NANOG group seems to be that these issues are indeed
important, but *not* appropriate for the NANOG list.

Yup, contentious is a good word.

This topic is not appropriate because
1) There are other lists specifically for these issues, and
2) It does not immediately effect the guys in the trenches

I used to have a pet ostrich, too.

Worthy of note also is that the topic wasn't "what do you think about
the NOI, or newDNS in general", but "would you learned folks comment on
what _I'm_ planning to say, because I'm not perfect".

Again, I would suggest that you redirect this issue to the other lists, and
ask you to refrain from posting this to the nanog mailing list.

I'd recommend that if you intend to lean on your AUP to define the
topics which are appropriate for discussion on the nanog mailing list,
that you re-write it to actually _provide_ guidance on that topic,
rather than simply leaving fols to twist in the wind.

I've been participating in mailing lists and on newsgroups for at least
10 years; if _I_ can't figure it out, I'm not the only one.

-- jra