Response to NOI from NTIA on DNA

... and if the VC gets the VP who's here on the QT we'll all get put on KP.


Follows a fairly long message containing my comments and opinion
subject to a Notice of Inquiry issued by the US Government's NTIA
(which means something, but I forget what.)

The rough idea as I understand the NOI is "you Internet people got
important, and you seem to be having trouble sorting out your domain
name registration management stuff. Do we need to step in and help
you?" (read: tell you how to do it)

I'd appreciate any comments y'all care to make on this, either
technically, stylistically... or simply pointing out stuff that my
spell checker missed. :wink: My intent is to hit somewhere about halfway
between formal corporate comments and much of the self-interested,
poorly thought out garbage the website show that they've been getting.

(which URL worries me all by itself, but...)

-- jra

I'm reluctant to reply to this message in the chance that you'll send it
off saying something like your letter "has the support of NANOG". The point
of the NOI is to voice YOUR opinion (or that of your company, org, etc..).
This forum (a listserv) does not promote or foster the idea of a unified
voice that could result in a "letter from NANOG in responce to the NOI".
Quite the opposite, which is why some people read it; to get ideas from
others that they may not have exposure to. I encourage everyone to respond
to the NOI in there own way, but to keep discussion of their responce off the
list (my 2 cents).

BTW: You can find all the current responces at