Researchers ping through first full 'Internet census' in 25 years

Its all very well for those that know better to carry on like this, but I
would suggest that those sortsa complaints only come from people who
don't know better. They don't know how to interpret their Firewall
warnings. And they don't know whats genuine and whats not.

You're right, they don't. My complaint is with those who *think* they do.

Suggest that rather than knocking those who genuinely think that its a
warzone out there (and isn't it?) efforts of ISPs to educate clients as
to what is genuine abuse (and what isn't) should be rewarded.

Absolutely. I've always been happy to try and educate those who come with
even the slightest inclination towards education. It's the ones who are
convinced that either any error message from their firewall or OS is the
Word of God, or that because they're skilled in some other field, any
attempt to educate them about networking or computers is a direct attack
on their mental prowess - they bug me.

It seems that neither group is getting smaller :frowning: