Research project on blacklists

Hi all,

My colleagues and I at UC Berkeley and the International Computer Science Institute are working on a project evaluating third-party blacklists. As part of that, we’re interested in hearing how you utilize them, and what you perceive as their strengths and weaknesses. If you have five to ten minutes and are interested in sharing your thoughts, you can fill out our anonymous survey here, or respond to me directly off-list:

There is also an option in the survey to opt-in to receiving a notification once the research is made public.

Apologies if you received this message before! We’ve tried to minimize cross-posting as we realize several groups share members.


Cannot access your website. Just has a spinning colostomy bag. Too much malicious javascript and malicious trackers.

If you expect people to visit the website, perhaps you should make it more useable, because at the moment, it is completely and utterly useless!

And there is no way I am going to turn off security in order to access crap promulgated by idiots!

Just as well as the proper signature divider in an email is actually “dash dash space”


Site works just fine. Doubt javascript here is of any concern to anyone whatsoever.

Just sayin


I and my colleagues have observed the operators and patrons of blacklists in the wild. They appear to be hostile and combative. We hypothesize that they will have trouble mating.

Anushah, I’m replying simply to inform you that your site works just fine, in multiple browsers, with and without ad/script blockers in place, in hopes to counteract the particularly unwelcoming email by Mr. Medcalf.

Minus a handful of smaller voices, you should hopefully find our community to be more supportive.

Good luck on your research project.

-Ryan Landry loads a blacklisted malicious tracker from itself. The fact that it is the first party does not detract from the fact it is loading a malicious tracker and that the loading of that malicious tracking javascript is blocked. Blocking the tracker precludes the rest of the page from "working".

And yes, I know the sig seperator is -- (dash dash space). Are you saying that my MUA is buggering it up again?

This is one of the best and funnest emails I have seen in a long time!

Thank you, Anne!

Lyle Giese

I'm almost afraid to ask if that's the site itself doing javascript/CSS, or the
browser, or a browser extension, or if the Unicode guys have totally gone off
the deep end on the emoji pages...