Research Project: Internet capacity during pandemic events

Hello everyone,

My name is Mike Haska, and I am a graduate student at the University of Alberta. I am conducting research into Internet capacity issues during pandemic events. In order to analyze certain aspects of this topic, I need to get in touch with representatives from the major Internet service providers in Canada - some of whom, I am hoping, are members of this distribution.

Specifically, I am looking to get in touch with individuals who are familiar with the structure of their network and with any pandemic contingency plans that are in place within their organization.

If you think you may be able to assist, or if you know of anyone who could, please contact me at (haska at and I will provide further information on all aspects of this study.

To put your mind at ease - I'm not fishing around for sensitive information or your root passwords; I'm looking for an overview of your policies and your responses to hypothetical scenarios. Your confidentiality is assured and you are welcome to preview all the questions to be asked before you commit to participating in any way.

I feel this topic has important implications to network operators in Canada, so any support you can offer to this research project is greatly appreciated.

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Department of Homeland Security
Pandemic Influenza Impact on Communications Networks Study
December 2007

It's not related to Canada directly but but it is related to your question.
The following links are to the NANOG archive from Sep 11th 2001 where there
was some very good communication, specifically from Sean Donnelan regarding
connectivity during crisis. It shows the "unknowns" that people faced and
the teamwork involved in ensuring everyone could communicate (if you
overlook the religious and opinionated posts from other members).




Is your interest events like the recent semi-non-event with H1N1, where for contagation management, workforce labor and school age children were not compulsorily aggregated, or morbidity and mortality effects on network operator labor for an event such as the dispersal of a weaponized biological?

Restated, is your interest bursty behavior on the edge (houses of workers at big box employers X,Y,Z), rather than at the core (big box employer X,Y,Z), or how do network operators plan continuity as the skilled labor available count goes to zero?

We sort of had the latter exercise over the past three weeks in Haiti, where fuel, food, and families assumptions about operational readiness were tested, and only just kept above zero.