Requirement to store email for 90 days.

"Service providers are also required to keep customer records, including
emails, for 90 days, under the bill." "The bill has to go to Senate,
where it is expected to receive little opposition, before becoming law."

Are you reacting to the contents of the bill (bill number?) or to the interpretations of a reporter?

Could someone please cite the 90 days requirement in an actual bill? Not saying it's not there, but the bills I could find through Thomas don't seem to have any mention of this. I'm not calling my senators until I have precise citations.

The bill appears to be hr3482, looking at's full text links,
the only mention of 90 in there appears to be here, in section 102b. Nice
Dragnet approach Dan.

(b) REPORTING OF DISCLOSURES- A government entity that receives a disclosure
under this section shall file, no later than 90 days after such disclosure,
a report to the Attorney General stating the subparagraph under which the
disclosure was made, the date of the disclosure, the entity to which the
disclosure was made, the number of customers or subscribers to whom the
information disclosed pertained, and the number of communications, if any,
that were disclosed. The Attorney General shall publish all such reports
into a single report to be submitted to Congress one year after enactment of
the bill.