request to network operators

In keeping with my goal of providing the Nanog community with
some numbers based in fact, that indicate paths toward
sustainable Internet economics.

Please note, all raw data I gather and my methods will be
published, hopefully at May Nanog.

This work is based on cost studies of resource utilizations
in the various parts of the net. Some people
may not agree with my conclusions or my methods, and I don't
realistic hope to end the various debates on policy,
but the calculations cannot be made without reasonable
data that reflects todays Internet.

I have traffic data comming from 3 of 5 of the major naps,
and hope to get the last two on board soon.

I need flap data, but it apears that the RA project has
reasonable data to work from.

Lastly I need information on router table utilization,
speicifcly if you have Cisco routers at 3 or more of major exchanges,
and basicly run "defaultless". Specificly I'm looking at processor
and memory utilziation in Cisco routers with large numbers of

The magic command in this case would be:
show ip bgp sum

If for security reasons, you do not wish send the whole output,
I would be happy with the first summary part, as I don't need the
peer information. The Cisco firmware version would be helpful,
but not required.
It would be nice to have a MAE-East and MAE-West snapshot,
but I'm not terribly picky, and realize that you will be taking
time out of your schedule for this.

Anyone that sends me a snapshot of 2 or more routers, I buy
lunch for at Nanog.