Request for State of the Internet Volunteers

Hi all-

The State of the Internet section of the upcoming NANOG is coming along
well. I still need to get the end-user perspective of the Internet into the
panel. So, for the NANOG research community, I need to find a couple of
folks to answer the following 3 questions on 3-4 slides:

1) As an active Internet end-user (or one who measures end-user
performance), what are the top three most pressing problems you see in the
2) Topologically, how are you connected?
3) What *quantitative* data do you have to share to show these problems?

I also need 1 more medium-large size ISP to share with us:

  1) What are the top three most pressing problems you face as an ISP?
  2) What is the topology of your backbone.
  3) What quantitative data can you share with us that show these problems?

These additional volunteers (1 ISP+2 end-users) should balance out the mix.
With the ISP data, Exchange Point Operators' data, and the data from the
registration forms, we should be able to highlight the various communities
top issues.

If you can volunteer for this, please send me e-mail with your answers to
the questions above and "State of the Internet Volunteer" in the subject line.