Request for Information - IPv6 Routing Table Snapshots

Hello Everyone:

I am requesting the assistance of operators who are receiving full IPv6
routing tables from upstream, transit providers. If you could send me a
copy of your full IPv6 table, as plain text or whatever format best
suits, I would be sincerely grateful.

I am doing some preliminary work on a potential NANOG presentation
regarding the differences in IPv6 routing tables presentation from
various "large" transit providers, because I've seen some oddities in
announcement variations between several of them and want to dig deeper.
Sadly, I only have two v6 transit providers, although I've had a third
in the past and will again in the near future, so I will have 3 tables
to compare. It would be good to have as many sample objects as

Please note this isn't a matter of looking at the global routing table
from a looking glass - I'm interested to see what each provider is
presenting to their customer, and extrapolating internal policies and
potential pitfalls in the future as IPv6 is deployed in earnest.

I have tables from NTT, TWTC and HE already. If you could add to this I
would be grateful. Please feel free to contact me directly with any
questions or concerns as well.

Kind Regards,

Mike Smith

you might take a look at

last I looked it had 22 neighbors.

you can either telnet to it (it's quagga) or look in the archived ribs here:

Michael K. Smith - Adhost wrote:

Thanks Joel. 15 active peers, by the way. Perhaps now is a good time to plug connecting to the v6 Route Views server...



See also <>.