Request for Comments on a topological address block for N. Calif.

I propose that a large block (say, /8 to /10) be allocated to an
independent authority which will then reallocate growable blocks to
small to mid level ISPs in the northern california region who are
connecting via providers attached to MAE-W, CIX, or PacBell's NAP and
topologically "at" those connect points. These addresses can then be
filtered out of announcements to routers anywhere else in the world and
replaced with a /8 aggregate announcement; only routers within the
topology zone would require full information on the connected
entities. These addresses will be relatively easy to dual-home within
the area, yet will have minimal impact on the global routing

I don't think that this will work for a business viewpoint - someone
will end up giving at least some of these ISPs free transit.

See the attached message that I sent to big-internet earlier this
month. My comments apply to metro-based addressing or
interconnect-based addressing or similar schemes. (Andrew Partan)