Reporting Little Blue Men

You should be able to figure out what interfaces they are comming in on.
That's the first step.

>Is there any point in trying to report these attacks? Who would we
>report them to? We don't know what the source is, after all the
>address is spoofed. It seems kind of pointless to notify the victim
>-- they already know they have been smurfed.

You report them to the FBI. See "Firewalls and Internet Security" by
Cheswick and Bellovin, and "Unix System Security" by Curry.

Why not spend the time securing the system instead?

[ snip ]

I suppose that some on this list are ill-disposed to accept they are
breaking any laws. I doubt anyone wants to argue this on this list. So I

Thanks. There are already plenty of places to troll, but please,
not here.