Renumbering and the Feb 15-16 NANOG meeting

I'd like to see a DNS xfer protocol that allowed secondaries to be
completely updated from a master - ie, the master could send all types
of updates to the secondary site - mater ip address, domains to handle, etc.

Perhaps it exists, but I haven't heard of it. Most people seem to be
doing the "send email to the secondary admin" or "get root on the
secondary machine" things. a secondary DNS server would be told by another which primaries it
should trust? Sounds like trouble to me. As does allowing remote
creation of zones. This should not be part of a DNS standard.

Setting aside the security aspect, how would this be implemented? Would
the secondary server poll the primary at intervals to determine how it
should reconfigure itself? Or switch to a "server push" method of
transfer? You're better off setting up a seperate subsystem to manage
the configurations.

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