Remote email access

Unnamed Administration sources reported that Al Rowland said:

Don't even need that. I can telnet into the appropriate server/port from
a command prompt but, like your solution below, that is not non-geek
friendly. We need a solution that is AOL user friendly, not NANOG user
friendly if we ever expect to make money with this thing called the
Internet. This will always be tragedy-of-the-commons; the very things
that make service attractive for Joe PayingCustomer also make it easy
for Joe Spammer/Hax0r.

I'm not disagreeing re: a Jill Winecooler solution being needed.
And I really wish mail over TLS/SSL/XYZ was straightforward;
I'm finding it anything but.

Here is a pipedream I'd like you gurus to grade. Could there be
a cgi-script on a page that would test all|selected POP/IMAP/SMTP
ISP mailer ports for secure compatablility, and report back?

I think this could all be done pre-login, i.e. without a password
being exposed. True?

Could it probe and report back as to success/failure of modes?
For example, some installations will NOT work with Eudora until
you force it into V3 with "SSLSendVersion=6" in the ini. If told
so, most customers could use their:


pseudo-URL to set same.

What say you all? Would this work, and thus help grease the secure
mail skids?

[Remember, I'm a hardware-type whose favorite language is
solder. I'm sure this is obvious/trivial/noise to many of you....]