Reminder: Pre-NANOG 26 Oregon Rafting Adventure

Hello! Just a reminder about the Pre-NANOG 26 Oregon Rafting Adventure.
(More information lives at

When: October 26th, the day before NANOG 26 starts.

Where: The Upper Mckenzie River,

What about a Hotel: Many of us are staying the nights before and after
at The Belknap Resort, then caravanning to Eugene on Sunday morning.

How Far: About 50 miles from Eugene

Where should I fly into: PDX Airport - Portland. This should be less
expensive than trying to fly into Eugene.

Who is running this?: This trip is being coordinated by Mitchell Rose
and Daniel Golding. Ren Nowlin ordinarily runs these things, but she's
in China, so we have been left in charge. Fear it. :slight_smile:

Who can come: Anyone who wants to.

What's included: All day rafting, lunch, and use of the Hot Spring at
the Belknap Resort.

How Much: $75, but there may be discounts if we can get enough folks.

How do I sign up?: Send email to I'll get back to you
with information on how to sign up. The cutoff date for this adventure
is 10/3/02. After that, it's purely "space available"

Transportation: None, but we can all carpool there and back. Please let
me know if you need or want a ride, or can provide one.

Is fun guaranteed?: Yes.

Daniel Golding and Mitchell Rose