"RelayFinder" Anyone else seen this? (erols, fnord, oneill may be interested)

Hot Diggety! On a bright and sunny day, Ryan K. Brooks was rumored to have said...

Had a new box on the net for all of two hours, and this pops up on in my

Jun 22 22:18:41 x sendmail[509]: WAA00509: SYSERR: putoutmsg
(autumn.news.erols.com): error on output channel sending "250
delay=00:01:16, xdelay=00:01:16, mailer=esmtp, relay=luser.oneill.net.
[], stat=Deferred: Operation timed out with

Don't know what intentions were, but news.erols.com and oneill.net leads
me to believe you probably want to contact Clayton O'Neill at

Was hit by that, too...the host was id'ed as hmm.colo.erols.net as
well as luser.oneill.net. Not too wild about it -- I figure SMTP hosts
identified by DNS is fair game, but generally regard any other questionable
access as potential abuse cases.

hmm.colo.erols.net doesn't exist in the DNS, so I'm not sure offhand whether
this was spoofed or not.

Clayton, you know anything about this?


I was hit at bpisles.liii.com, by autumn.news.erols.com, my host is in no
way an SMTP server, and actually isn't even running an SMTP.

Jun 23 02:54:15 bpisles tcplog: smtp connection attempt from