Regulatory pros and cons

Reading some of this is rather disturbing, like if we
live in some kind of control freak society, where
every comment is we are trying to control terrorism
so we must eliminate everyones right of expression and
distort every means of communication including the

Problem is, everyone's right of expression is distorted to everyone elses
to some degree. Your opinion is your opinion no matter how right or wrong.
You'll always have agreements and disagreements. This has always followed
suit throughout ages whether it is/was a religious view, political view,
personal view, etc. That's just life. This society including all countries
has been a control freakish society for some time now. (ECHELON)

I disagree that companies should be harmed because of
elements within a given state of these United States
should have any power to regulate what any corporation
like google does or does not do, just because they
lack any talent to compete at all and I support now
more than ever this effort...

Disagree. Some corporations should have checks and balances just like
individuals do. You say you disagree now but what happens if say Google
become the only ISP in town, the only search engine in town the only
whatever in town, then down the line they decided to create an inflated
(non regulated) price on their services. You surely would be crying foul.
Anyone would.

Sort of like companies bound to Microsoft because of the costs associated
with revamping infrastructures. Now you have tons of DDoS zombies, warez
warehouses, trojan factories, worm heavens thanks to MS' lackadaisical
attitude toward security. Funny thing happened on the phone with an MS
salesgoon... me: "I'd like to know about MS Exchange since my boss wants
it. I have X_amount of employees." him: "Well you would pay X_amount of
money but you could only use X_amount of space on your exchange server" Me
thinking to myself... "I'm paying X_amount of money for X_amount of people
and MS is telling me how much space I could use on my own hard drives...
No matter how many "seats" I buy..." Screw MS... And yes I had a hardy
laugh as did the salesgoon who was trying to extort (yes extort) me on
what I can use on my systems. Anyhow I thought it was funny and laughed at
him on speakerphone...

Corporations need checks and balances just like people do. Bottom line.