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Share and discover the latest networking technologies and best practices with the greater NANOG community — without ever leaving home. Registration for the NANOG 80 Virtual meeting is now open. Be sure to register in advance to join us from your desktop or mobile device, October 19-21.

The NANOG 80 registration fee will be $250. If this presents a hurdle to your attendance, we encourage you to apply for a NANOG 80 fellowship.

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Meet the NANOG 80 keynotes
Jezzibell Gillmore of Packet Fabric, and Avi Freedman of Kentik will deliver live-streamed keynotes at NANOG 80 Virtual! Learn more about Jezzibell and Avi, and stay tuned for details on each of their talk abstracts.

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Transform your experiences and ideas on the latest technologies into a remote presentation for NANOG 80!

Topics of Interest

  • SDN
  • Traffic Analysis
  • ISP Issues - sharing lessons learned / what to watch out for
  • Cloud related topics:
    • Automation
    • Scale Concerns
  • Routing
  • Best Current Practices
  • Career Development Skills

The NANOG Program Committee is accepting proposals through August 24, and would love to see yours.

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Miss out on NANOG 79 Virtual?
Our last community-wide virtual gathering may be over, but the hours of archived talks and tutorials, keynotes and panels featured in June are just waiting to be explored!

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Can anyone describe the scholarship process to me please? What does one need to demonstrate to be eligible?

Ability to collide hadrons at scale may mean you’re well on your way…

Alas, I do not know.

For the sake of maximum pedanticness, the NANOG scholarship program and the NANOG fellowship program are very different things.

NANOG scholarships are the traditional “Here’s some money for non-alcohol related college expenses.”

NANOG fellowships are funds to assist those who may not have the financial ability or support from their employer to attend NANOG meetings and events. ( This link currently 404’s ; I let NANOG staff know already. )

I can’t speak to what the requirements are for fellowship eligibility; that may be on that page that currently 404s.

I can assume by the thread that you are referring to the Virtual Fellowship Program, and not our scholarship program. The goal of our Virtual Fellowship Program is to remove barriers for participation in our events. If paying the $250 is a barrier for attendance, please fill out the required application form, and you will receive a pass to attend the NANOG 80 Virtual Conference.

Edward McNair
NANOG Executive Director