Hi list

Any help will be appreciated, it seems that apple is filtering prefixes for untraceable reasons

I wrote emails to but no answer.

  Staring about 2 weeks ago we encountered several complaints from our customers which are using The prefix is allocated to our residential customers, dynamically via pppoe.

  Actually they are not able to connect AppStore and associated resources like from their IOS terminal phones or tablets, nor using iTunes or browser from their respective operating systems.

  Using tcpdump we saw that is not responding to client request.
  IP > tcp 0

  Furthermore we did manage to ping hosts from using a looking glass server ( from LEVEL3 San Jose which seems to be last hop provider to apple network.

Ping results from San Jose, CA

icmp_seq=0 time=188 ms

---- statistics ----
1 packets transmitted, 1 packets received, 0% packet loss
rtt min/avg/median/max/mdev/stddev = 188/188/188/188/0/0 ms