refresher - what's happening

If there is a catastrophic failure tomorrow morning, Merit
will advise the ANS NOC to roll back to the previous configuration
(the one installed on Tuesday morning).

Which Tuesday?

Beware that the ENSS gated announces it's interfaces into the ANS core, even
if there are no E-BGP peers (or for that matter, even if the LAN interfaces
are down). This means that the planed test will not really idle the ENSS if:
  - There are any services or *clients* on the DMZ itself
     (mrouted?, DNS?, NTP?, etc)
  - Anybody is remotely monitoring your peers with either snmp or ping.

My observations are based on the FDDI interface of ENSS132, which was
previously attached to a natural class C network. Physically unplugging the
FDDI did not stop the ENSS from announcing it....

Your mileage may vary.

Good luck,