Reducing Usenet Bandwidth

Kinda' off topic, but I've seen this gibberish in many spam posts to usenet
groups. What purpose does it serve?



"She may will virtually cook above Ron when the sticky wrinkles
nibble with the sharp river. One more pathetic fresh weavers
firmly wander as the abysmal frames dream.

Why will you reject the sweet deep tags before Priscilla does?

Hardly any empty envelopes are polite and other short printers are
cheap, but will Pearl irrigate that? She'd rather cover eventually than
scold with Ophelia's fat dose.

Are you kind, I mean, arriving without handsome candles? He might
judge the difficult sauce and explain it in front of its light.
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easily climbing ball inside my mirror. You won't help me recommending
outside your smart monument. Some forks fear, excuse, and taste. Others
angrily sow."

[40 more lines snipped]