RED ALERT! heads up Quick security alert

Unnamed Administration sources reported that blitz said:

SRI if this is OT, BUT, its a security related subject.

>Since most of us deal with UPS this info may be helpful.
>FYI ...
>Quick security alert: $32,000 worth of UPS uniforms have been purchased
>over the last 30 days by person(s) unknown on eBay. Law enforcement is
>working the case however no suspect(s) have been identified. Subjects may
>try to gain facility access by wearing these uniforms.
>If anyone has suspicions about a UPS delivery (i.e., no truck but driver,
>no UPS identification, etc.), contact UPS to verify employment.

Cite? Surely you can search eBay's completed sales and find
the item numbers....

See alt.folklore.urban for this and and the
bathtub and missing kidneys, JATO car, Capt. Hook...