Reclaiming legacy allocation transferred to APNIC?


$DAYJOB has a legacy block assignment that was transferred to APNIC from
ARIN under the Early Registration transfer project back in 2003...

ARIN whois queried directly still shows the /16 block has ARIN contact
information, but walking it down from the /8 APNIC has no data other
then the /8 block information and the ERX comment. However on the ERX
page listing the transferes, the specific /16 block isn't listed under
the /8 as it appears to be for others that had been transferred. The
So my question is who do we work with now? ARIN or APNIC for this
block? Do we need to join either RIR just to update records, or is it
just painful manual process without having membership and website logins?

Off-list if specifics for the block in question are needed.

Thanks in advance.

James -

   Can you send me specifics when you have a moment?


John Curran
President and CEO

Thanks for the off-list responses. I'll follow up if I run into a dead
end on this.